Community Letter

Dear Avalon Community,
We have been honored to be the "Hearth and Soul" to Detroit for the past 25 years.
Since 1997, our customer service mission has been "to create an oasis of healing and compassion in a world that is sorely in need."
Today, we are asking to extend that spirit back to the Avalon staff... and any business you support.
Supply chain, labor shortages, and public health issues are creating new challenges and, quite frankly, workers are paying the highest cost. We are working with our staff to provide great service to you while balancing their needs, commitments to their families, mental health, and physical health.
As you walk through our doors in the coming days and weeks, we ask you to take a deep breath, have a little more patience, and maybe an extra kind work to our staff.
Jackie Victor
Avalon CEO
Bekah Galang
Retail Director