Welcome to the Avalon community’s new home away from home: our uniquely-overdue website and Eat Well. Do Good Cafe. Why would one of the “Top 100 Inner City Businesses in the US” wait until 2010 to go viral? We didn’t. Really!

Since 1997, you, our customers, have done the best “viral marketing” for us the old-fashioned way: one bite, one loaf, one friend at a time. Although we are now bursting at the seams through your person-to person enthusiasm, we do recognize a great opportunity to extend our community even further. Throughout the next year, you will be able to find not only information about our products, but education and inspiration to eat well and do good wherever you are.

Whether you are checking out our lunch menu on our site or connecting with the urban agriculture movement in Detroit through the Eat Well. Do Good Café online, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and continued help in spreading the word to those who share your passion for good food and good values. But please don't stop visiting the bakery and getting our fresh baked goods at the markets that carry our products. Although seeing you online will be great, breaking bread with you is even better.